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posted almost 9 years ago

Job Description

General Summary:

To assist the Pharmacist at all times to ensure that each customer has a positive shopping experience at CVS.

Essential Functions:

  1. Customer Service
    • Greet each customer using the eye’s, hi’s and help, assist with their questions and issues on the phone and in person both in and out of the pharmacy areas, obtain information for new prescriptions, maintain customer/patient confidentiality
  2. Operations
    • Operate a cash register including: cash, checks, and charge transactions; bagging merchandise, insurance signature logs and offer/refer questions to Pharmacist
    • Retrieve, count and measure drugs (except CIIS), cap and uncap vials and bottles
    • Retrieve and file pharmacy prescriptions in the appropriate files and assist Pharmacist with checking in and pricing drug orders (except CIIS)
    • Maintain inventory levels, pull outdated/recalled merchandise
    • Refer all doctor’s calls and customer’s medical questions to Pharmacist
    • Assist the Pharmacist with all third party transactions including the completion of any paperwork

Marginal Functions:

  • Assist front store personnel when needed
  • Maintain the Pharmacy Department: fill Pharmacy supplies, vacuum dust/face; wipe counter tops; clean sink and settee area; straighten administration area; clean baker units; empty trash
  • Complete Pharmacy paperwork, maintain daily/weekly reports