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posted over 8 years ago

Job Description

General Summary:

Supervise all aspects of Photo Lab Operations. To meet Photo Lab performance expectations in the areas of: Sales, Customer Service, Inventory Management, Markdowns, Merchandise Presentation, Loss Prevention, Equipment Operations. To provide leadership in the Photo Lab and to ensure all employees who work in the Photo Lab are fully trained and certified.

Essential Functions:

  1. Customer Service / Sales Building
    • Address all Photo Customers by name, prioritize orders, assist customers in choosing products/services, respond to all customer inquiries/issues, and maintain customer confidentiality
    • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of current products and services offered
    • Promote/Suggest additional photo products and services to all Photo customers
    • Follow all quality assurance policies and procedures
    • Establish professional relationships with customers to build sales through suggestive selling, soliciting business accounts, local events and promotions, etc.
  2. Operations
    • Oversee and operate all equipment, kiosks and technologies associated with the Photo Lab
    • Operate a cash register
    • Perform all functions necessary to open and close the Photo Lab
    • Develop, price and package photo orders
    • Schedule, perform and monitor all daily/weekly/monthly equipment maintenance activities to minimize machine malfunctions and downtime
    • Ensure the Photo Lab and all employees who process film follow Federal and State laws and OSHA regulations
    • React to all signs of internal and external theft
    • Complete and maintain all required paperwork in the Photo Lab per company guidelines
  3. Merchandise / Presentation
    • Maintain a neat and organized Photo Lab and storage area, stock and rotate inventory
    • Work with the Store Manager to anticipate inventory needs based on seasonal and local events
    • Execute merchandising plans and signing programs to drive sales
    • Utilize all sales building materials provided to the store and merchandise area surrounding the Photo Lab to promote additional sales
  4. Management / Human Resources
    • Coordinate and track Training and Certification of all employees who process film in the Photo Lab within designed timeframes
    • Assign and prioritize tasks to employees who work in the Photo Lab
    • Work with Store Manager to provide direction, feedback and suggestions to employees who work inthe Photo Lab to improve their performance, contribute to employee reviews
    • Communicate and work effectively with the Store Team, Regional Category Specialist, District Manager and Qualex Account Development Specialist

Marginal Functions:

  • Perform all Front Store and Pharmacy activities assigned by the Store Manager


  • load and unload deliveries
  • ability to lift 50 pound trays/cases to a height of 4 feet and move trays/cases from one location to another